Unilever Dutch & British Headquarters Merge

27 November 2020

    Unilever's Dutch shares will trade for the last time Friday before a unification of the group's dual-headed structure. 


    The merger of Unilever's Dutch and British corporate arms into one legal entity that will end 90 years as a hybrid company is scheduled to take place over the weekend, in an attempt to sail through the COVID-19-pandemic-infused recession and the looming Brexit.


    The move is not expected to impact day-to-day operations, but it will bring greater flexibility in acquiring and exiting businesses, reduce complexity and strengthen corporate governance, the company commented. 


    According to Barclays analyst - Warren Ackerman, this is a major and vital transition for Unilever, especially since the last four CEOs tried and failed to get rid of "an outdated 90-year-old legal system that makes them very slow to act on anything". He said it was a key part of his investment case in the company.


    Following the move, Unilever's weight in UK’s FTSE 100 index will more than double, according to Jefferies analysts, going from 1.8% to 3.9%.

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