Honda’s Hoping To Go More Fuel-Efficient With The New Civic Hatchback

24 June 2021

    Honda Motor Co came forth with its latest Civic Hatchback designs on Thursday, aspiring for the model to become a base for more efficient automobile development. 


    The 11th Generation of the Civic model called “Honda Architecture” aims to enhance development efficiency and extend part-sharing for mass-produced cars. 


    A spokesman for the Japanese car maker, Yosuke Sato, stated that the company used Honda Architecture to increase efficiency when developing the Civic’s engine compartment by merging parts and arrangements for components such as an inlet air cooler. "Successor car models will overall become more efficient," he said.


    Back in 2019, the automaker announced that by 2025 it aims to decrease the man-hours worked on building mass-production models by 30% and instead focus on the research and development of innovative technologies.


    Honda is also improving Civic and other top-selling models, and buyers should expect to find advanced safety features and driver-assistance technologies in the new models.


    The price of the vehicle is planned to be revealed in August, and sales to commence this fall in Japan and the US.

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