Fondex cTrader Copy Explained

11 October 2022

    If you are confused by the idea of copy trading, stopped opening trades because of a bad strategy or simply looking for another way to invest, Fondex cTrader may be the answer to your problems. Keep reading as we will explore what is Fondex cTrader Copy and how it works!


    What is Fondex cTrader Copy


    cTrader Copy is an easy to use, revolutionary investment platform, fully integrated in Fondex cTrader, that allows traders to invest in existing trading strategies, as well as provide their own strategy and profit from it by charging fees which are paid by their followers. cTrader Copy works as an investment platform where users can select from a variety of strategies and invest in them.


    cTrader Copy is available in Fondex cTrader Web and Fondex cTrader Mobile. You can find it in the relevant Copy sections in each platform





    How to Invest in Strategies


    Investing in Fondex cTrader Copy strategies is pretty straightforward. The only thing you need to do is to cTrader ID and you as soon as you have created your demo or dive account, you can start investing in strategies, both from cTrader Web and cTrader Mobile. Some strategies offer the option to follow them using demo accounts as well, so that you can test the strategy in real conditions. Below we will explain how you can start following strategies in cTrader Web.


    There are two types of strategies in cTrader Copy, demo and live. Demo strategies are provided by demo accounts, they have a blue button to start copying and they can be copied for free. On the other hand, live strategies are provided by live accounts, the button to start copying is green and it states the fees the strategy provider is charging his followers.



    Before you start following a live strategy, it is important to understand the types of fees you will be requested to pay. These are the following


    • M - Management Fee in percentage, which is the annual percentage of Investor's Equity calculated daily and paid at the end of each month.

    • P - Performance Fee in percentage, which applies to the net profit using a high-water mark model and is paid at the end of each month.

    • V - Volume Fee in USD, which is based on the volume traded while copying the strategy and charged for opening and closing each position.


    To start copying a strategy just click on the green/blue button. 



    After you do that, the Start Copying form will pop up 



    Here you can select the account that will follow the strategy, as well as the amount you want to invest. Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions before pressing the Start Copying button.


    As soon as you press on the Start Copying button, you will see your followers subaccount created under your main account on the right.



    When copying a strategy, a Copy Trading Account can still be managed. All the options are available from the Copy Trading Account Settings button to the right of the Copy Trading Account preview. You can dynamically add or remove funds from it, set or remove Stop Equity Loss, or just stop copying.


    An important feature is the option to set an equity stop loss, that allows you to exit the strategy as soon as a predefined equity level is reached.


    To set Equity Stop Loss, click Settings and select Set Equity Stop Loss from the drop-down. 



    The Set Equity Stop Loss form will pop-up. Specify the Equity Stop Loss Level - once the equity drops to this level, the Copy Trading Account will stop copying the strategy and close all open positions.



    After copying is stopped, all the funds of the copying account will be automatically transferred to the main account. You can type the required amount, use toggles, or use the slider.


    How to Become a Strategy Provider


    If you are a successful trader, you can also consider becoming a strategy provider. Becoming a strategy provider is almost as simple as following a strategy. To do so, just select a trading account from the Accounts list to the left and click on it. The Account profile will appear on the right side.



    To start providing your strategy to the other traders, click Become Strategy Provider on the upper right corner of the account profile.



    The Become Strategy Provider form will pop-up. 



    In this form you need to specify the following information:


    • Strategy Name - the name of your strategy that will be displayed to Investors in the Strategies list.

    • Min. Investment - the minimum amount of funds required to be invested by an Investor to start copying the strategy. Type the number in the box or use toggles.

    • Volume Fee - the amount you will charge your followers per one million of volume in USD(up to 10 USD).

    • Performance Fee - the amount you will charge your followers on Net profit made using a High-Water Mark model (up to 30%).

    • Management Fee - the amount you will charge for managing the follower's funds (up to 10% of the follower's equity).

    • Account for Fees - separate live trading account for depositing fees and commissions paid by the followers, It must be different from your main trading account.

    • Allow Copying For - choose if you would like to allow copying for Live accounts only, or both Live and Demo. Note that to change this setting in future the strategy must be stopped.

    • Allow Copying To - choose who can see and copy the strategy, Everyone, or Traders with Invitation Links only. Learn more about sharing options in the Inviting Investors section of the present documentation.

    • Show Positions To - choose who can see your open positions, Everyone or your copiers only.

    • Description - Add the description of your strategy. Use the formatting panel to format the text, add images and links. This description will be displayed to the Investors in the Strategy profile.


    When done, click Become a Strategy Provider to confirm your action.


    After you start providing your strategy and start trading, your strategy will be available to thousands of cTrader traders who can follow it. You will receive your fees in the account you specified and emails when people start and stop copying your strategy.


    Whenever you need to stop your strategy, just press the Stop Providing Strategy button on the top right corner of your strategy page.





    Fondex cTrader Copy is an innovative platform that allows new traders to invest in successful strategies while it enables successful and experienced traders to monetize on their trading success by offering profitable strategies to other users. Feel free to check some successful strategies in Fondex cTrader Copy and why not, become a strategy provider yourself!




    The content provided in this material and/or any other material that this content is referred to, whether it comes from a third party or not, is for information purposes only and shall not be considered as a recommendation and/or investment advice and/or investment research and/or suggestions for performing any actions with financial products or instruments, or to participate in any particular trading strategy and cannot guarantee any profits. Past performance does not constitute a reliable indicator of future results. Fondex does not represent that the material provided here is accurate, current, or complete and therefore shouldn't be relied upon as such. This material does not take into account the reader's financial situation or investment objectives. We advise any readers of this content to seek their own advice. Without the approval of Fondex, no reproduction or redistribution of the information provided herein is permitted.


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