Automate your trades and eliminate human errors

cBots execute your trading plan with speed, accuracy and objectivity

What is Automated Trading?

When you automate your trades, you allow robots to trade on your behalf. A robot is a software that is pre-programmed to buy or sell a specific instrument at a given time, without any decision-making on your part.

Advantages of Automated Trading


cBots are programmed to analyse multiple indicators on various time frames simultaneously, thus providing more trading opportunities than a manual trader would identify within the same period.


Human error is common while trading. Traders might sometimes enter the wrong instrument or the wrong position size. On the other hand, cBots have been pre-programmed with a specific set of parameters for entry and exit that increase accuracy and eliminate errors.


Automated trading removes the psychological factor from the trading game. Instead of letting fear and greed run the show, cBots execute the trading plan consistently and without exceptions.

Time Effectiveness

cBots can trade non-stop, 24 hours a day. Automating your trades means freeing up time as you no longer need to spend endless hours in front of the charts assessing market data and making decisions.

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Select a cBot and Trade in 2 Easy Steps

Load your preferred robot from the available in-platform selection or go to cTDN and select a cBot.

If you have chosen a cBot from the in-platform selection, click 'Play' to start trading instantly. If you have chosen one from cTDN, you need to first download and install it on the platform, then you can click 'Play'.

Types of cBots

  • Trend cBots that trade when a desirable trend occurs. They may be based on Moving Averages, Gann High Low Indicators, channel breakouts, MACD, RSI and other trend indicators.
  • Range cBots that trade when there's a sideways trend and use Bollinger Bands or other oscillators.
  • cBots that are programmed to follow alternative strategies such as Fibonacci ratios or the martingale strategy.
  • Money management cBots that manage Stop Loss/Take profit levels, trailing stops or maximum drawdown for you.

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Code, Backtest, Optimise

Professional algo traders and coders can build and optimise their own cBots

Code with our inbuilt editor

Use Visual Studio or our inbuilt code editor to write code for robots and indicators.

Backtest & visualise your cBot's performance

Test and visualise your cBot's performance against our historical tick or trend bar data.

Assess historical data

Access historical data for multiple symbols and backtest your cBots against these data for a large number of timeframes.

Optimise your bot for best results

Find the best set of parameters for your cBot and run multiple backtest procedures to compare their performance.

Be part of the cTDN community

أسئلة شائعة
A cBot analyses the indicators or the other parameters that it was programmed to use and once the predefined rules are met, it takes a particular action, such as entering, exiting or modifying a trade.
For example, if you are using a cBot that trades breakouts, your trade will be entered when the price breaks above a resistance or below a support level. Apart from rules for identifying trading opportunities, a cBot typically contains parameters for managing open positions such as Stop Loss/Take Profit Levels, trailing stops or other risk management features.
Yes, your MQL4 indicators and Expert Advisors can be converted to C#, for use on Fondex cTrader. Please contact a consultant from the cTDN community, who will be able to do this for you.
There is no best way to select a cBot, but it’s advisable to do your research first. When you are downloading a cBot from cTDN, you can get a good idea about how it works by viewing the developer’s description which includes characteristics and tips about its usage.
Traders usually select a bot that suits their trading style, so if for example, you prefer trading with Fibonacci ratios, you may choose a Fibonacci cBot, and if you are into news trading, you may choose a cBot that trades when there’s an important economic release.
In cTDN, you can also rank cBots according to popularity and user rating, so this could be another deciding factor, especially if you are a beginner.
Once you download the cBot file, you will have to run and install it on your computer. You should then be able to view it on Fondex cTrader, at the left side of your chart under the cBots column. Once you define which instrument you'd like to run it for, click the “Play” button. The cBot will start working when the right conditions are met. Please note that you can stop it anytime, just by clicking the “Stop” button.
Yes, you can run multiple cBots at the same time and for the same instrument.
If you have a specific trading strategy that you follow and has been proven effective, then it might be a good idea to automate it. It’s important that your strategy is simple enough and that you are clear about the set of rules that your bot is going to be built on.
If you have no coding experience yourself, you may opt to hire a developer from the cTDN community. Please post your request at the forum or contact one of the expert consultants.
Trend indicators that are smoothened or combined versions of the standard version, such as MACD, RSI, Heiken Ashi, Ichimoku and more.
Adjusted formulas of standard Volatility indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Donchian channels, Keltner channels, Average True Range etc.
Multiple other custom indicators that are based on Support & Resistance, Pivot Points, Harmonics, Polynomial Regression, Fibonacci etc.
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